Turkey Trot

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The Turkey Trot is Monday, November 23rd at 10am outside Schimmel! There is no chapel that day.

There will be three groups of trotters, listed below along with the rules concerning each specific group.

There is also a costume contest for whoever dresses in the best Turkey/Thanksgiving attire.


*If weather is not conducive to safe scooter riding, we will cancel scooter competition

1.    Helmets are a must in order to participate as scooter competitor

2.    Stay within markers and follow set course

3.    Be courteous to other scooter competitors and aware of your surroundings

4.    Stay on scooter as much as possible


1.    Stay within markers (on the grass, Aagard parking lot)

2.    Keep road time to a minimum

3.    Keep chivalry alive (men walking on roadside if walking with women)

4.    Make sure young children are accompanied at all times


1.    Follow designated trail

2.    Be courteous of other runners

General Rules

1.    Be patient

2.    Listen to the Emcee

3.    Be aware of your surroundings and other people around you

Prizes will be handed out to the winners of each section.


There will be donuts, coffee, hot chocolate, and the newest addition to the turkey trot, turkey trot mugs.

You won’t want to miss out!