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Corban Clubs 2022-2023

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Meeting Time: Sundays, 7-8pm

Place: Schimmel Hall

About Us: We want to be a bridge between students and athletes, being real and intentional with one another, found in the unity and love of Jesus Christ, to see Jesus and bring glory to him in every moment we live.
Sidenote: you do not have to be an athlete here at Corban to attend, both the athletic body and student body are welcome!

Video Game Development

Meeting Time: Thursdays, 6:30-8:00pm

Place: PV 101

About Us: We bring together people of a variety of interests, including writing, 3D modeling, programming, digital artwork, music, and more, to create video games, primarily based on and for Corban.  No prior skill in any of these areas is required.  We are all learning and happy to help others do the same!

FFA Alumni and Supporters

Meeting Time:  2nd Wednesday of every month at 2:00pm

Place:  5th floor conference room in AC

About Us: We are committed to supporting the FFA and its members, promoting agricultural education, and dedicating Christ-like service to the agricultural industry through volunteer opportunities and relationship building with Oregon ag industry leaders.

Dens & Leviathans

Meeting Time: 7pm

Place: Will be announced on our discord each week depending on number of members and times DMs can meet.

About Us: Dens & Leviathans, we take the dragons out of the dungeons.

Creative Lettering and Calligraphy

Meeting Time: 7pm-8:30pm Mondays

Place: The barn

About Us: Creative Lettering and Calligraphy Club is a club that offers lessons every week and free draw. Utilizing the barn, we can tackle lots of fun activities as a team or individually. Come and learn lettering or come and utilize the barn’s tools to create.


Meeting Time: Varied and flexible, voted on by members biweekly

Place: Varied and flexible! Coffee, food, convenience

About Us: Preparing those wanting to continue after undergrad for what’s ahead and helping guide and equip underclassmen, the future nurses, researchers, physical therapists, and doctors all in community and helping each other succeed.

Stinky Bagels

Meeting Time: Fridays, at 4:00 pm

Place: 3327 AC, may move to Klatch

About Us:Writing Poetry for the Glory of God


Meeting Time: Fridays at 4:00 pm.

Place: The Intramural Field (down by the Softball field)

About Us:We are here to play frisbee, fellowship, and have fun! Come out and play. Skill level does not matter.

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