1. The Senate must maintain the following committees
        1. The Finance Committee shall meet regularly with their Executive counterpart.
        2. Responsibilities of the Finance Committee:
          1. Have delegated control of the finances and physical assets of the SGA Leadership. 
          2. Work with the President and review the President’s budget before it is presented for a vote by the full Senate.
          3. Consider all requests for unbudgeted funds or budget transfers.
        3. Meet as needed.
        1. A minimum of three (3) Senate members, not pursuing reelection, will serve on the Election Committee including the Committee Chair.  
        2. If three (3) Senate members are not available, the Committee Chair will appoint other students to meet the minimum membership number of three (3).  
        3. For Senate Elections, the Chair shall be the Executive Vice President.
        4. For Executive Elections, the Chair shall be a member of the Senate.  
        5. The committee will coordinate and see to the constitutionality of all SGA elections. 
        6. The decisions of the Election Committee can be overturned by ⅔ majority vote.
        7. Meet as needed. 





    1. President and Executive Vice President Elections
      1. The Election Committee will oversee the logistics, scheduling, and promotion of Presidential Elections. 
      2. Neither the President nor Executive Vice President can concurrently hold any two campus leadership positions or SGA Leadership positions.
      3. If the eligibility of the candidate is questionable (student is not in good standing, low GPA, overcommitted work-study hours, is working off campus, or is already committed to other co-curricular activities) the SGA advisor(s) will bring these candidates before the Election Committee for a vote on a possible candidate’s eligibility.
    2. Nominations:
      1. Each candidate must be nominated by a petition bearing 100 signatures of the Student Body.
      2. Petitions for candidates will be submitted to the SGA advisor(s) at least two (2) weeks prior to elections.


    1. Voting:
      1. The candidate receiving over fifty percent of the votes cast for a candidate will be declared elected to the office.
      2. If no candidate establishes over fifty percent of the vote for an office, the candidate with the most votes for that office, and who has a ten percent (10%) margin over the second (2nd) place candidate for that office in question, will be declared elected to the office.


    1. Runoff
      1.  In the event that three (3) or more candidates are on the ballot, if there is no ten percent (10%) margin between the first (1st) two (2) candidates, and no candidate has a majority of the votes, the first two (2) candidates with the most votes, as well as any candidate within a ten percent (10%) margin of the second place candidate, for that office shall participate in a runoff election. 
        1. After a run-off election, if another run-off is needed under the above rules with no one gaining a majority, the candidate with the least amount of votes shall be declared defeated and another run-off shall commence. 
      2. The Election Committee will announce all election results within twenty-four (24) hours to the SGA.
      3.  A candidate seeking a recount will contact the Election Committee Chairperson. All requests for a recount must be made within forty-eight  (48) hours of the general election.





      1. The President shall ensure appropriate members of the SGA are appointed to the following Institutional Committees.
        1. ​University​ ​Financial Stewardship ​Committee.
        2. University Academic Council.
        3. University Diversity Committee. 
      1. The Cabinet will attend one (1) SGA rally a month as planned by the President.
      2. The Cabinet will attend regular meetings according to the schedule set by the President. 





    1. Senate Members shall be elected in the following numbers from the following constituency. 
      1. Two (2) Male Balyo/Davidson representatives
      2. Two (2) Female Balyo/Davidson representatives
      3. Two (2) Female PVG representatives
      4. Two (2) Male PVG representatives
      5. Two (2) Female Farrar/Aagard representatives
      6. Two (2) Male Farrar/Aagard representatives
      7. Two (2) Female Commuter representatives
      8. Two (2) Male Commuter representatives
      9. One (1) Townhouse representative
      10. Two (2) Self-Identified Multicultural/International representatives
    2. Senate Elections
      1. The Senate shall be elected on a semesterly basis.
      2. The Election Committee shall formulate rules, schedule, regulations, and mediate disputes related to Senate Elections. 
        1. First and second place shall be alike in dignity, right, and privilege in the Senate. 
      3. Elections for the Senate shall be by ranked transferable vote. 
        1. Votes shall rank their choices for office; 1 for first choice following in descending order. 
      4. Each candidate shall be credited with one vote for every valid ballot that is sorted to them as first choice, or otherwise credited to him as hereinafter provided, and no ballot shall ever be credited to more than one candidate at the same time.
      5. A “quota” is the smallest number of votes which any candidate must receive in order to be assured of election without more candidates being elected than there are seats to be filled.
      6. The Quota shall be determined by dividing the total number of valid ballots by one more than the total number of candidates to be elected and adding one to the result, disregarding fractions. 
        1. Quota = (total ballots/number of seats + 1) + 1
      7. If a first choice candidate gets excess of the quota, the excess votes will be redistributed according to a fraction of the second choice. 
        1. (excess votes/total votes received by candidate) = fraction of redistribution. 
      8. When all the ballots have been thus sorted, and excess votes redistributed, and credited to the first available choices marked on them, and no candidate has yet been elected, the candidate who is credited with fewest votes shall be declared defeated.
        1. The one candidate who is then lowest on the poll shall be declared defeated and all their ballots transferred by second choice. Thene the candidate who is the lowest shall be declared defeated and all there ballots similarly transferred; and in like manner candidates shall be declared defeated one at a time and all their ballots transferred.
          1. If, when a candidate is to be declared defeated, two or more candidates are tied at the bottom of the poll, that one of the tied candidates shall be declared defeated who was credited with fewest ballots immediately prior to the last transfer of ballots. If two or more of the tied candidates were tied at that stage of the count, also, the second tie shall be decided by referring similarly to the standing of candidates immediately prior to the last transfer of ballots before that. This principle shall be applied successively as many times as may be necessary, a tie shown at any stage of the count being decided by referring to the standing of the tied candidates immediately prior to the last preceding transfer of ballots. Any tie not otherwise provided for shall be decided by lot.
      9. When the necessary candidates receives the quota, and all seats are filled, all remaining candidates shall be declared defeated and the election shall be at an end. Whenever all ballots of all defeated candidates have been transferred, and no other candidates remain except one that candidates shall be declared elected and the election shall be at an end.
      10. A record of the count shall be kept in such form as to show all interested parties at each stage of the count.
      11. The election committee shall proceed with reasonable expedition in the counting of the ballots.
      12. Senate candidate applications must be submitted one (1) week before the election. 
        1. Candidates must apply for the Senate constituency they will be living in the semester they will be serving. 
    3. The President will be required to make a regular report of the activities of the SGA to the Senate on a monthly basis.





      1. The hiring logistics shall be overseen by the respective Cabinet member. 
      2. Coordinator hiring shall be done in accord with the Senate-approved budget







  •  CLUBS


      1. Activation
        1. The activation application must be turned in with the following components:
          1. Activation Form
            1. Bearing signatures of the Club President, Club Vice President, and all other Club officers.
          2. Constitution
            1. Including a(n): 
              1. Mission statement 
              2. Election Process
                1. And an impeachment process
              3. Defined Membership process
          3. Advisor contract if deemed necessary by the President or their designee.
          4. All document templates will be available online and publically accessible.
      2. Reactivation
        1. The reactivation application must be turned in with the following components:
          1. Reactivation Form
            1. Bearing the signature of the Club President, Club Vice President, and all other Club Officers.
        2. All document templates will be available online and publically accessible.
        3. Every club must submit a reactivation application on a yearly basis.
          1. Failure to do so will result in deactivation. 
      3. Finances
        1. At the start of the semester, each Club will submit a proposed budget and request for funds.
        2. The President or their designee will review the requests and distribute funds according to available total Student Initiatives and Endeavors budget and rules established by the said designee.
      4. Other Resources
        1. All clubs are entitled to:
          1. A university email
          2. Logistical support from the President’s designee
          3. Access to the Corban Master Calendar
      5. The InterClub Council is comprised of the presidents (or their designee) of every Club and is presided by the appropriate designee.
      6. The InterClub Council members must:
        1. Be a Corban University Student
        2. Communicate with their Club officers. 
        3. Attend training prior to the school year
        4. Attend monthly meetings as scheduled by the President’s designee.
        5. Train a successor.
      7. Club designations 
        1. The President’s designee will be empowered to define Clubs according to their function to better serve their needs.
        2.  Club designations include:
          1. Service Clubs
            1. Meet the needs of off-campus communities through volunteer opportunities.
            2. Minimum of ten (10) hours of service per semester and one (1) campus-wide activity.
          2. Ministry Clubs
            1. Includes discipleship, missions, mentoring, or ministry preparations.
            2. Minimum of four (4) club activities per semester and one (1) campus-wide events.
          3. Community Clubs
            1. Focused on the Corban Student body and building fellowship.
            2. Minimum four (4) club activities per semester and one (1) campus-wide event.
          4. Recreation Clubs 
            1. Promote personal well being through indoor and outdoor activities.  
            2. Minimum four (4) club activities per semester and one (1) campus-wide event.
          5. Political Clubs
            1.  Raising political awareness and encouraging students to be informed, contributive citizens. Political Clubs may include, but are not limited to, involved in a specific political cause or a specific political party.
            2. A minimum of three (3) club activities per semester and one (1)  campus-wide ­activity.
          6. Creative Arts Clubs
            1. Focus on creative expression with the intent of developing and expressing abilities on campus.
            2. A minimum of three (3) club activities per semester and one (1) campus-wide ­activity.
          7. Membership Clubs
            1. Serve the needs of their limited membership.
      8. The President’s designee must:
        1. Meet once a month with InterClub Council.
        2. Oversee activation and dismissal of Clubs.
        3. Hold Clubs accountable for their responsibilities.
        4. Hold Clubs Officers accountable to their jobs.
        5. Facilitate Club informational events:
          1. Clubs Fair
        6. Document Club membership/participation.
          1. Used to show the health and participation of each Club.
      9. A Club officer may be immediately dismissed from office for any of the following reasons:
        1. Violating Student Contract.
        2. Misusing or embezzling Club funds.
        3. Being placed under Academic Probation.
        4. Losing student status at Corban University.
      10. Club attendance records:
        1. Club President must submit a report on how many students attend each club meeting. 
        2. The President’s designee must process this data and provide growth reports on the various Clubs to the Club Presidents. 
          1. While they must provide accurate numbers, Club Presidents will be under no obligation to provide the names of students attending any club meeting or event, except for club officers.




    1. The President is responsible for the execution of the budget.
      1. The President will appoint a single designee to manage the day to day financial responsibilities of the Student Government. 
    2. This designee will be responsible to the University and the President to:
      1. Maintain effective records of financial transactions made by members of the Student Government or their designees. 
      2. Create and maintain a budgetary system to be used by the President and their designees. 
      3. Process credit card reconciliations, check requests, fund transfers, and cash advances, promptly and according to standards set by the university finance office. 
      4. Be knowledgeable about the financial institution of Corban University and be able to assist and speak knowledgeably to the student body regarding financial transactions.  
    3. Budget Preparation and Adjustments
      1. Any individual or group requesting funds shall complete a funding request form with regard to dollar amounts and details of planned expenditures.
      2. Any unbudgeted expenditure over $150 must be brought before the Senate Finance Committee for approval, with the final itemized budget with regard to dollar amount and detail.
      3. A contingency fund shall be made to cover unbudgeted expenses administered by the Senate Finance Committee.
        1. Funding requests exceeding $500 must be brought to full Senate for a vote.
    4. Officer Compensation
      1. The President and EVP shall receive a compensation of $5,000 in scholarships.  





    1. The Senate shall be referred to as the Corban University Student Senate or SGA Senate in all external Communications. 
    2. The President shall be referred to as the Student Body President or Student Government President in all external communications.
    3. All information publicly accessible on the SGA website must be updated accurately by the President’s designee within two weeks of the start of each semester and updated again within 8 weeks.
    4. These mandates will be hosted on the SGA website and updated within one week of a bill becoming a mandate. 
    5. Failure to comply with section c or d is subject to disciplinary action by the CHC. 
    6. SGA, in affirmation for the Students right to protest, will allow Student Groups to submit to the President a protest form describing the time, date, location, and reason for the protest.  
    7. If the form is signed by the President it shall be a SGA-Approved Protest.