How to Submit a Funding Request


1) Download the “Funding Request Form” to your computer.

2) Fill out the form with information regarding your request, and print it out.

3) Email one of the following finance committee members to schedule an appointment to present your request.

4) The committee member will respond with a date and time for you to present your request to the committee. Please come prepared to share how you will steward the money you’re requesting.

5) The Finance Committee will send you an email after a decision has been reached regarding your request. This will include an amount that you are approved to spend.

6) Make your purchase up to the sum that has been approved for you.

7) Fill out and Submit a check request to Rebekah Ballard, SGA Finance Coordinator (for help on how to fill out this form and where to bring it, please email Rebekah at You will receive a check from Corban Financial Services to reimburse you for the amount you’ve been approved to spend.