Hello Corban!

My name is Audrey Creager, and I am the missions coordinator for ASB.  As such, I am in charge of the spring break missions trips.  I would love to have you, as the student, involved in missions planning. Applications for those wanting to go on a missions trip or lead one are available now on the ASB website! If you have any questions or evangelism or missions trip ideas, you can contact me at AudreyCreager@corban.edu.  I am praying for you all this school year, and I look forward to seeing where your passions for missions lead you.

Missions for a REACH credit!

Mission trips may be counted towards fulfilling REACH credits. In order to coordinate this opportunity, please contact the REACH Coordinator, at reach@corban.edu.  


Participation Applications are now OPEN

Follow the link HERE to apply.




What are the ASB Mission Trips? 

ASB helps coordinate week long mission trips over Spring break. Any undergraduate student is encouraged to apply to participate in the offered mission trips for the 2017 Spring Break!

Revival begins with the student.  Thus, the missions coordinator position exists to encourage students to lead and serve others, for the glory of God, across the nation and in the local community by offering leadership and service opportunities throughout the school year.

How can I get involved?

Sign up for a mission trip when the applications come out.

What do I do if I feel called to lead a mission trip?

>   Pray about it with your RA and close mentors 

>   If you feel called to, apply online. Applications are available here:

Mission Trip Leader Applications