Black Friday Shopping Spree

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Buy an item for a refugee on your shopping spree!

Do you have a tight budget but want to help the refugees?

Buy them a personal care item while you are shopping on Black Friday.

     If all 908+ students bought one of these items for a refugee, we would be able to put together approximately 80 different kits. In fact, if all students, faculty and employees purchased items for refugees, our impact could be even greater!
     Every effort, no matter the size makes a difference. Here are some items that refugees are in great need of which you might be able to afford:

Personal Care Kit





Deodorant (2 men’s, 2 women’s)

Bars of soap

Shaving razors

Shaving cream

Feminine hygiene pads

Rolls of toilet paper (4 or more)

All items must be turned in to the ASB office on Monday, November 28, from 4-6 PM.
Come to our Restart-Kits-assembly-party on Monday, November 28, from 4-6 PM.
Limited space available so Email Reilly Pekkola to secure a spot. Location to be announced.
     The Community Engagement branch of ASB is partnering with the Refugee Car Collective in Portland to collect supplies that refugees will need to restart their life here in the States. For more information in regards to Refugee Care Collective please click here: