While the following dates may vary, the object of this document is to indicate the basic process and time frame involved in the hiring and training of Resident Assistant applicants.


Phase One: Applicant Screening

The application screening includes the review and evaluation of documents submitted and verification of GPA, financial health and REACH progress.


Phase Two: Interviews

RA/AAC applicants will be interviewed by Community Life Staff.

Returning RA/AACs will be interviewed by the Director of Community Life.

Interviews take 30 minutes.


Phase Three: Call Back Day

Call Back Day provides an opportunity for the Community Life staff to review and assess applicants as needed.  Call Back Day may include group initiatives, role plays or other activities.


Hiring Timeline:

January 12, 2017                                            Applications available

February 1, 2017                                             Applications due

February 2, 2017                                 Phase One: Application Screening

February 3-10, 2017                                       Phase Two: Interviews

February 18, 2017                                           Phase Three: Call Backs


Training Timeline:

February 24, 2017                   RA/AAC Selection announced

Between March 3-12, 2017    RA/AACs meet with new team (Date/Time TBA)

March 9, 2017                         Student Leader Training (7pm-10pm)

April 13, 2017                         Student Leader Training (7pm-10pm)


Fall training is a time-intensive experience.  Students selected as RA are expected to keep this time, including nights and weekends, free of all outside commitments.


TBD                                         RA start date. 5pm kickoff activity.

December 8, 2017                  Date RAs may leave campus after 2pm for Christmas break

January 8, 2018                       Date RAs must return to campus by noon for Spring training

May 7, 2018                            Date RAs may leave campus after 5pm on the Monday following graduation (RAs release times may vary based on completion of residence hall closing responsibilities)


Ongoing Training (Academic Year):

RAs are required to attend a weekly class.