Position Description

Time Frame: Early August – Early May

Commitment: 10 hours each week

Reports to: Student Programs Coordinator

Scholarship: 25% of room and board

The Student Activities Board is a student leadership team comprised of sophomores, juniors, and seniors living on campus. They provide students with opportunities for meaningful connection and unique experiences through large scale events. 

General Qualifications:

Be a traditional Corban student who has completed at least 1 semester at Corban and… 

  1. Exhibits peer leadership abilities.
  2. Practices effective organizational skills.
  3. Displays collaborative leadership strengths.
  4. Is able to work unpredictable/irregular hours.
  5. Is in good standing with campus offices.
  6. If working, hours do not exceed 10 hours per week.

Academic Qualifications:

Be registered as an undergraduate student at Corban who…

  1. Possesses a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher.
  2. Registers for at least 12 undergraduate credits at Corban per semester.
  3. Is on track with Reach requirements.

Position Responsibilities:


  1. Assist in implementing new and traditional large scale event opportunities (ex. Beach Party).
  2. Coordinate with vendors to organize rentals, food, venues, and materials for events.
  3. Assist in the setup and cleanup of SAB events.
  4. Share leadership and responsibilities for all SAB events.
  5. Demonstrate flexibility when meeting needs (expected & unexpected) at events.
  6. Collaborate with RAs, AACs, & ACs to put on residence hall events: Lumberjack Games, Basement Bash, Pumpkin Smash, Mr. VG, Balyo Battles, Corban Free for All, etc.


  1. Attend all training sessions as outlined in the Hiring Process/Training Timeline.
  2. Meet twice weekly with SAB team.
  3. Meet monthly with Student Programs Coordinator.
  4. Be First Aid/CPR/AED certified and physically prepared to administer basic first aid (training offered on campus).


  1. Support and work effectively with other campus offices.
  2. Represent the University with maturity and professionalism.
  3. Support, encourage and pray for fellow student leaders and University personnel.
  4. Be familiar and compliant with Corban’s Student Walkthrough as well as basic residence hall policies and procedures.
  5. Perform other duties as assigned.

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