SGA Coordinator Applications 2019-2020

It is Hiring Season! 

The 2019-2020 SGA team is looking to hire four coordinators for the upcoming school year!  Coordinators are an important part of the SGA team that assist Cabinet Members in maximizing impact of services and events provided by student government. We urge anyone who is interested to apply and look forward to meeting the applicants!

A link for applications follows the position descriptions. The available positions are listed below:

Financial Coordinator (1):

The position of Financial Coordinator requires financial savviness and detail-orientation. The Financial Coordinator will work closely with the President and Senate to handle SGA-related budgetary needs.

The following list represents what a coordinator might take part in:

1.Promptly processing all relevant financial transactions.

2.Acting as a liaison between the Financial Services Office and the Cabinet.

3.Keeping track of all expenditures and receipts.

4.Communicating with the Student Initiatives Branch and acting as a liaison between the Student Initiatives Branch and Financial Services.

5.Meeting regularly with the President and Senate.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator (2):

The coordinator will assist the VP of Marketing and Communications and the other branches throughout the year to meet the media and connection needs.

The following list represents what a coordinator might take part in:

1.Event video & photography

2.Short film collaboration

3.Graphic design


5.Project Scheduling

6.Web Design

7.Social Media Operation & Branding

8. Meeting Note Taking

9.Chapel Photography

10.Weekly meetings

Student Initiatives Coordinator (1): 

The Student Initiatives branch is looking to hire a coordinator that has a desire to serve the Lord through serving the students and clubs at Corban University.

The following list represents what a coordinator might take part in:

1.Creating and managing branch budget in conjunction with individual club budgets, this involves continuous communication with the Financial Coordinator.

2.Tracking and updating club attendance.

3.Meeting with branch regularly to discuss efficiency and upcoming events

4.Helping plan events and retrieve/order necessary items for said events.

5.Meeting with Club Presidents in formal group settings and one-on-ones.

6.Providing any and all assistance to branch members and Club Presidents.

If you are interested in serving as a coordinator for the next school year:


Christ be with you,

Kelton Hedstrom

Senate Applications

Senate applications are OPEN for Fall of 2020!

If you love representing people and sharing their voice then sign up! The Senate is the governing body of SGA and is a place to come up with cool ideas to better the University! If you want to be part of SGA, then sign up! Being a Senator is a awesome job that helps the student voice sing loud and clear.