SGA Coordinator Applications 2019-2020

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It is Hiring Season! 

The 2019-2020 SGA team is looking to hire four coordinators for the upcoming school year!  Coordinators are an important part of the SGA team that assist Cabinet Members in maximizing impact of services and events provided by student government. We urge anyone who is interested to apply and look forward to meeting the applicants!

A link for applications follows the position descriptions. The available positions are listed below:

Financial Coordinator (1):

The position of Financial Coordinator requires financial savviness and detail-orientation. The Financial Coordinator will work closely with the President and Senate to handle SGA-related budgetary needs.

The following list represents what a coordinator might take part in:

1.Promptly processing all relevant financial transactions.

2.Acting as a liaison between the Financial Services Office and the Cabinet.

3.Keeping track of all expenditures and receipts.

4.Communicating with the Student Initiatives Branch and acting as a liaison between the Student Initiatives Branch and Financial Services.

5.Meeting regularly with the President and Senate.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator (2):

The coordinator will assist the VP of Marketing and Communications and the other branches throughout the year to meet the media and connection needs.

The following list represents what a coordinator might take part in:

1.Event video & photography

2.Short film collaboration

3.Graphic design


5.Project Scheduling

6.Web Design

7.Social Media Operation & Branding

8. Meeting Note Taking

9.Chapel Photography

10.Weekly meetings

Student Initiatives Coordinator (1): 

The Student Initiatives branch is looking to hire a coordinator that has a desire to serve the Lord through serving the students and clubs at Corban University.

The following list represents what a coordinator might take part in:

1.Creating and managing branch budget in conjunction with individual club budgets, this involves continuous communication with the Financial Coordinator.

2.Tracking and updating club attendance.

3.Meeting with branch regularly to discuss efficiency and upcoming events

4.Helping plan events and retrieve/order necessary items for said events.

5.Meeting with Club Presidents in formal group settings and one-on-ones.

6.Providing any and all assistance to branch members and Club Presidents.

If you are interested in serving as a coordinator for the next school year:


Christ be with you,

Kelton Hedstrom

Senate Applications

Senate applications are OPEN for Fall of 2020!

If you love representing people and sharing their voice then sign up! The Senate is the governing body of SGA and is a place to come up with cool ideas to better the University! If you want to be part of SGA, then sign up! Being a Senator is a awesome job that helps the student voice sing loud and clear.

SGA Presidential Debate

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Do you care about who represents your voice to the Administration?

Do you want to make an impact on your school and our Student Government?

Then come to the SGA Presidential Debate this Tuesday (2/12/19)!

The position of Student Government Association President has a massive impact on the way that SGA is able to serve and represent the students.  If you are interested in the different campaign platforms of our current hopefuls, have questions to propose, or simply want to see a good debate, come to the Emitte Center this Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

Ask questions and voice your concerns to the candidates who are trying to represent you to the Administration!

We hope to see you there!!!

Student Open Letter to Corban University

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By this point, you should start to notice the pamphlets that have been distributed around campus. These materials, produced by Travis Schulz, help to highlight the concerns that students have been voicing to us over the last few days. In order to make this information available, ASB is doing the best we can to publish this work across several different mediums. If you have any questions regarding the material below, or wish to contact us, we strongly encourage you to message us on Facebook, email us at, or speak with one of our cabinet members. We are happy to update you in any way that we can AND hear from you regarding the situation so that we can be better equipped to intermediate between students and the administration.  Please feel free to reach out to us.
The following was produced and published by Travis Schulz:

In confrontation with life’s most difficult problems, articulated truth helps mitigate seasons of despair. Well-reasoned, methodical words that are spoken with shoulders straight not only give the impression of forthright character, but contain the potential to make peace amongst multiple parties. To make peace means to draw together conflicting groups and resolve differences that would otherwise invite division, and discover a way forward that aligns individuals towards a common goal. While withholding opinions, intentions, and facts invites further division and chaos, truth invites a mode of being where each party has nothing to hide.

Truth invites peace because nothing is hidden, and prejudices and distrust can be set free.

The worldview of many Corbanites has been thrown into chaos over the past three months. This is more than a matter of people’s feelings being hurt, as student’s trust in administration has been shaken. Students still remember the announcement that Sophomores and Juniors (with small exceptions) would be forced to live on campus without their opinion’s being consulted. Yes, this policy has changed, but many felt their trust shaken.

Months later, it was announced that beloved professor Josh Rice’s contract was not being renewed. Students and professors were shocked on December the 4th over this announcement. Why?

This happened because few students or professors received a grain of information that could have hinted at such a development.

One must be careful in their choice of words over such a sensitive topic, but it is more than true that several students—students beyond the history department—are outraged over this development. Despite recent events, this letter is hopeful. Administration clearly did not have bad intentions when they made their decision, and perhaps administration is right. The problem is that students feel entirely in the dark over Corban’s state of financial affairs which potentially lead to Josh Rice’s contract not being renewed.

The missions statement of Corban is to “educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.” Corban clearly abides by this policy, despite recent events. Again, articulated truth can act as an antidote to confusion, mistrust, and suffering. There are facts Corbanites wish to know considering the current state of affairs which students and professors should have known before. This includes 1. the current state of financial affairs and 2. how this affects Professor Rice’s contract not being renewed.

The most important concern, which surfaced during the housing crises already mentioned, is if budget cuts are necessary, will students input be taken into account?

Everyone at Corban has a role to play in making this campus safe, fun, and intellectually/spiritually challenging. Knowing this, it is Corban’s professors that make students come to Corban. Many work hard to keep our facilities clean and safe, but few attend Corban University for the setting and fine living arrangements. Truly, no one has thought an ex-tuberculosis hospital facing a nearby correction facility to be the main reason for their attendance.

It is the professors who make up the heart and revenue of this school.

Our professors, though not being the only reason, make up the primary considerations which brings students to this fine University. Professors at Corban care for their students in ways that few secular Universities can trump. How many Universities contains students that are excited for their college writing class, which many Corban professors such as Ryan Stark, Colette Tennent, Jim Hills, and other professors have made fun, stimulating, and spiritually mature environments for learning? This can be said about every department at Corban University.

Josh Rice is no exception, as several students have flocked to his American Thought and Culture classes because students love professor Rice. One current history student states “I’m really bummed about what’s going on. Professor Rice was one of the main reasons that I switched to a history major. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now since I am unsure what will happen to the history department.” This quote perfectly demonstrates the confusion, pain, and distrust of several students.

Again, despite this, this letter is hopeful. Corban administration has shown itself to take student opinions into consideration before, as shown with the housing policy. Surely, Corban administration will not leave students in the dark, and will respond in a way that reflects Christ and our missions statement. If the student body, professors, and administration withhold no truth, then peace will surely be made. In other words, the truth will set this University free from the present issues at hand.


Humans v Zombies

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The Zombie apocalypse has hit Corban! We need all hands on deck to protect our campus and find the cure!

Anyone willing to join the fight should report to the gym at 8 pm on Sunday, October 7th.

The game will end on Tuesday, October 9th at 10 pm.

Before you arrive, please go to HvZ Source to join our game. Make sure that you join the game named Corban University Warriors. If you have any trouble signing up or joining the game please let us know!



  • Once you join the game, you’ll be given an ID number. Write that number down on an index card and carry it with you at ALL TIMES.
  • A bandanna
  • A Nerf gun and/or sock bombs.
  • RECOMMENDED: Dark clothing and running shoes!

If you don’t know what HvZ is and are super confused about this email, check out our official rules here:



Original Zombies: Please email if you are interested in starting as a zombie.

Mission Trip Leader Applications

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Lead a Mission Trip for a Reach Project!

Open to Sophomores and Upperclassmen


We need students who have the vision to see their peers make an impact in the world for Jesus Christ to come and lead mission trips. Mission trip participant applications will be released when we have our mission trip leaders approved and have our mission trip details put together.


If you are interested in leading a trip, please fill out the Mission Trip Leader Application below.  

Please also take a look at the Mission Trip Guidelines and Leader Reference form.  The reference form must be filled out and taken to the student life house for your application to be considered.

Have questions? Contact Audrey Creager at

Fields marked with a * are required.

Mission Trip Leader Application

Each trip requires one male and one female leader.  Each leader must fill out a separate application.

Trip Specifics

Ministry Partner Information


As a missions trip leader, it is my responsibility to abide and fulfill the following guidelines and duties:

  •  Attend all meetings for ministry teams held by the ASB Missions Coordinator.

  • Participate in all training provided by the ASB Missions Coordinator.

  • Lead weekly or semi-weekly team meetings.

  • Be accountable to the Corban University Student Handbook.

  • Plan and lead all fundraising efforts in accordance with Corban University policies.

  • Hold each team member accountable to turn in required paperwork by the dates due (as determined by the ASB Missions Coordinator).

  • Ensure that the trip’s duration does not extend past the timeframe allowed.

  • Ensure that all matters related to insurance, travel, housing, food, emergency protocol and ministry-related tools are carefully determined.

  • Honor the established parameters for Student-led Mission Trips that have been determined by Student Life and the ASB Executive Board as outlined in the ASB Mission Trip Guidelines.

I understand and accept the responsibilities of leading a Corban missions trip. I also acknowledge that my failure to fulfill these responsibilities may result in my being removed from the leadership role or from the team completely.

Required Documents:

Please download the following document and get it filled out and turned into Nathan Geer in Student Life. This document is required for your approval to be a mission trip leader.

Reference Form

2nd Annual Commuter Hungry Games

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Capitol logo

Welcome, Welcome.

The time has come to select courageous young men and women for the 2nd Annual Commuter Hungry Games!

The Games will take place on Friday, April 7th at 6:30.

As for Capitol folk, all you have to do is attend the event in your best capitol-esque garb.
Purpose Statement: To unify commuters, promote solidarity and enthusiasm for their place at Corban.

Commuters & Townhouses:

Below you will find a link that will lead to the sign-ups open for the 6 districts of Corban Commuters. Only Commuters and Townhousers may volunteer as tribute.
Teams will be made up of 6 people.
Be sure you sign-up for the district you belong in at the following link:
Volunteer as Tribute HERE.
Below is a map that separates the Salem area into 6 Districts.
May the odds be ever in your favor!


Schedule of Events:

The Cornucopia

Each of the six teams race to the cornucopia in the center of the field and grab whatever they can. Then they try and make a meal out of what they were able to grab! What will it taste like? What will it look like? May the odds be ever in your favor!


The Car Race

Each team must successfully get one of their team members, who is in a decorated and plastic tote, around the Intramural field twice. Who will be the swiftest? May the odds be ever in your favor!


The Arterian

Each team must paint a picture in 5 minutes and sell it to Effie Trinket! Who will she show favor to? Honestly, nobody knows. May the odds be ever in your favor!


The Kajabi Can-Can (Also called the Jalopy Can-Can)

Whoever is left will participate in the Kajabi Can-Can. Look it up. May the odds be ever in your favor!
*Rules for each event will be announced during the event


The last person standing is awarded the golden gas-can (bragging rights), to be hung in the Commuter Lounge and a gas gift card!
The team that has the most members at the Kajabi Can-Can is awarded a $150 gift card to Olive Garden!
The team with the best decorated car for the car show will get a special advantage in the Game!


Martin Luther King Jr. Serve Day

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Authentic Love is Serving Humbly – MLK Serve Day 2016

Each year, as the student body of Corban, we go out into our community to serve the Salem area. Walking in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., serving and leading, we work to fulfill his ultimate goal: to bring glory to God!

We are looking for students, staff and faculty to sign up and volunteer on Monday, January 16th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day).

Volunteer time-slots:

Morning crew (7:30 AM to noon)

Afternoon crew (11:30 AM to 4:00 PM).

Please check out this link to sign up!

This year’s theme:

As we enter this season of service, let us ponder about what freedom is and how Jesus calls us to use our freedoms for His purposes.

A verse to meditate on as a community: Galatians 5:13 (NLT)

For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.




Commuter Thanksgiving

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Calling all Commuters!

Attend our annual Commuter Thanksgiving on Tuesday, November 22nd, from 6-8 PM.

Please bring a dish to share.

We will have the thanksgiving essentials available.

Please check out this link to the Commuters Facebook page for directions.


It will be a good time of fellowship.