Title:                                Multicultural Resident Assistant

Time Frame:                    August 11, 2019-May 1, 2020

Commitment:                  20 hours each week

Reports to:                      Area Coordinator

Scholarship:                    50% of Room and Board


The Multicultural RA serves within the residence hall as a peer leader, intentional friend, team member, affinity group administrator , and event planner for 12-25 multicultural students, as well as a voice for multicultural concerns/opportunities throughout the area.


GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS:                           

Be a traditional Corban student who has completed at least 2 semesters at Corban and…

  1. Exhibits peer leadership abilities.
  2. Practices effective organizational skills.
  3. Displays collaborative leadership strengths.
  4. Is able to work unpredictable/irregular hours.
  5. Is in good standing with campus offices.
  6. Demonstrates multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skill.
  7. Demonstrates an authentic relationship with Jesus.



Be registered as an undergraduate student at Corban who…

  1. Possesses a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher.
  2. Registers for at least 12 undergraduate credits at Corban per semester.
  3. Registers for no more than 4 credits at any other institution or at the graduate level per semester.
  4. Registers for no more than 18 credits per semester.



Policies and procedures

  1. Be familiar and compliant with Corban’s Student Walkthrough as well as basic residence hall policies and procedures.

Residence halls

  1. Assist in the opening and closing of the residence halls each semester.
  2. Facilitate an affinity group within your area.
  3. Orient new multicultural students to the residence halls and Corban’s campus.
  4. Develop leadership opportunities for returning residence hall students.
  5. Promote academic success through your own example and a consistency in enforcing quiet and courtesy hours.

Relationship building

  1. Foster a comfortable and receptive environment by interacting with your assigned residents on a regular basis.
  2. Intentionally set goals that will help you and your residents grow toward relational, emotional, academic, and spiritual maturity.
  3. Encourage and support your residents through the life issues they encounter.
  4. Maintain an on-campus presence most weeknights and weekends.
  5. Take advantage of community opportunities by regularly attending chapel, sport events, drama and music productions, and eating regularly at Corban Dining.


  1. Positively communicate residence hall policies and expectations to residents.
  2. Exert consistent and proactive disciplinary action when needed.
  3. Respond to potentially volatile moments with poise, grace, focus, etc.
  4. Assist the Area Coordinator (AC) in the mentoring of individual students.
  5. Provide a peace-making presence for roommate conflicts.


  1. Be First Aid/CPR/AED certified and physically prepared to administer basic first aid (training offered on campus).
  2. Provide leadership regarding fire code standards, building evacuation protocols, etc.
  3. Promptly advise the AC of mental health, behavioral, social, physical and/or spiritual concerns observed within your resident population.


  1. Attend all training sessions as outlined in the Hiring Process/Training Timeline.
  2. Meet weekly with RA team.
  3. Meet bi-monthly with AC.
  4. Participate in university committees as requested.
  5. Attend scheduled Student Leader class.


  1. Design and promote an affinity group for residents.
  2. Create events that stimulate personal growth of students.
  3. Help create and attend monthly residence hall meetings.


  1. Support and work effectively with other campus offices.
  2. Promptly administer various surveys, forms, and reports.
  3. Represent the University with maturity and professionalism.
  4. Support, encourage and pray for fellow RAs, ACs and University personnel.
  5. Perform other duties as assigned.


  1. MRAs cannot be Education majors with Senior Block or the Senior Student Teaching requirements.
  2. MRAs cannot work or volunteer (apart from Reach) more than 5 total hours a week.
  3. MRAs cannot perform academic internships/practicums and work another job.
  4. MRAs cannot perform academic internships/practicums and be an athlete.
  5. MRAs cannot work another job and be an athlete.


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