Hello Commuters!

   The Commuter coordinator is here to provide commuters with community building opportunities on and off campus. More specifically the Commuter Coordinator wants to promote commuter involvement through empowering commuters to create events that encourage community.

If you have any questions about about these events or life as a commuter, you can contact me at brooklynbaker@corban.edu.  I look forward to seeing you at Corban!


What does ASB offer commuters?

  As commuters we live stretched lives, covering such realities as jobs, classes, driving time, families, etc... This year, ASB is focusing on providing funds for events and empowering you to be a leader in the commuter community.

The Commuter Coordinator is here to help create community among the commuters.

What is the vision for our community this year?

Two-fold vision: 1) provide opportunities to allow the Commuters to engage with the Corban community, 2) to help create and foster the Commuter identity as a population here at Corban.

How can I get involved?


1. Join our Corban Undergraduate Commuters Facebook page. 

This is our primary information posting location.

2. Host an event for other Commuters. Contact Brooklyn Baker for the Commuter event form and for resources to set up an event. She is here to help you!

3. Talk to the commuter senators about any ideas that you have that might benefit the greater, university community.